Don’t Hesitate Lyrics

Don't you hesitate to call on me
I'm your shoulder when you need to lean
I know that pride, will make you hide
But don't you hesitate to call on me
I say reach out,
Reach out my brother reach out
Reach out my sister reach
Don't you dare believe
That asking for help will make you weak      

Yo we need to talk more
No surgery just open up our hearts more
I know you feel like you're hardcore
When you say you don't care but what for?
Why lie when you know the prognosis
Is that you're moving closer to psychosis
You might wonder how I know this
Man life handed me my notice
Me and the devil had to much closeness
Loved ones helped me regain my focus
So I paused that process
At that point when all seems hopeless
It's a privileged position to be in
Cauz you start seeing, things a little more clear
So these words that you hear man, just know they're sincere

It’s so easy to hold on to rage, 
But we gotta find the strength to forgive
We don’t have the perception to gauge
How much longer we got left to live
The very next page could be the end of your chapter 
So why share anything but love and laughter
Don’t worry bout what comes after
Right here, right now put love to pasture and
Let it grow man we need each other
Not too proud to say that I need you brother
Though that made me weak but I rediscovered
A version of life that’s leagues above us
The arrogance of man might make you think 
That you could do this alone, it’s cool carry on
But when you realise you’re never on your own
The doors open come on home